Office Practice


Waiting Room Etiquette:

Masks in the waiting area and shared spaces are still required.

Please be mindful that staff are conducting business and loud noise makes it difficult for staff as well as for other clients. Please monitor the sound on your electronic devices to minimize disruption to others.

Children 12 and under may not be left unsupervised in the waiting room. As a courtesy to other businesses in the office please make alternative arrangements for children who are not scheduled to receive services. Please escort children to the restroom as the office is shared.

The office will not share internet services due to HIPPA.


Standard therapy appointments are 40-55 minutes in length. If cancellation is necessary clients need to provide at least 24 hours advance notice. A late cancellation fee of $75.00 is charged if less than 24 hour notice is given or a client does not show for an appointment. Insurance companies cannot bill for missed or late cancelled appointments and the client is financially responsible for this fee.

Attendance Policy:

Consistency is important to making progress in therapy and frequently missing appointments will hinder or prevent progress in therapy. If excessive absence is observed or there have been three incidents of late cancellation or no call/no show to scheduled appointments therapy will discontinue.

Finances and Scheduling:

All client accounts are expected to be paid in full. Clients are financially responsible for any claims not covered by insurance. Any client who has an outstanding bill will not be scheduled for subsequent appointments until the balance is paid in full.

Medical Billing:

At the onset of services, client insurance benefits will be verified. It is the clients responsibility to advise this office of any change in coverage. Amy works with a third party biller.

Phone Calls:

The office does not have an assistant to answer telephone calls. If your call is answered by voicemail, please leave your name, telephone number, and a brief message. If there is an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


Records of the identity, prognosis, and treatment of any client are confidential. Disclosure will only occur with the written consent of the client, the client’s legal guardian, by order of the court of competent jurisdiction, or as otherwise required by law. The office adheres to the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition, to protect your confidentiality, your therapist will not accept invitations through social media.

This practice routinely engages in case consultation both as part of maintaining an ethical practice and to meet the requirements of State Law, and your case may be discussed for supervision and consultation purposes. All reasonable precautions will be taken to maintain the highest level of confidentiality throughout this process.